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Sharp Glasses

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I was at this awesome shoot for the Bay Area Meetups in San Francisco hosted by Erwin at his Studio in San Jose, Ca.  I had a lot of fun with everyone.  One of the photographers, Carl had the most amazingly fun wardrobe.  I was completely blind in these spiked goggles, but they looked so amazing, that at least I probably blinded everyone else too!  I had of, with the glare of lights coming off of those amazing silver bell bottoms that were so hot that I probably lost 5lbs!  Erwin and the Bay Area Meetups host the best, most well managed and organized group events that I have ever attended as a model.  I recommend that all traveling models hit them up to do a shoot when visiting the Bay Area!

Taken By: Erwin on June 12, 2010 at Erwin’s Studio for the Bay Area Meetups Group Shoot in San Jose, Ca

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