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Religion is Pornography

Categories: Fetish

RELIGION IS PORNOGRAPHY!   That pretty much sums it up.   I can’t think of anything that corrupts more people than Religion. It is sick and all forms of it include some pretty fucked sexual restrictions, that are completely un-natural and go against our every instinct.  Religion corrupts minds and leads to wars.  Without Region we would have a much better world.  It is nothing more than an Opiate for the Masses and a form of Control.  It has the ability to transform an intelligent advancing free society to an dumb nation of fear-ridden followers who do as they are told.  Religion is responsible for most of the conflict in the world, but people are too dumb to see it!  I am not opposed to personally having faith or something to believe in.  But that should be a personal thing instead of  something that is exploited for so leaders can brainwash and control people.  Yes, if you believe in Religion, you are being exploited!  We will only advance further as a species once we can all evolve enough to stop believing in Religion, Heaven or Hell, and start believing in the Human Race and can realize we must grow together as a species or risk our extinction from our ignorance.   Religion has destroyed my country, as I am sure that it will continue to destroy humanity as long people are ignorant enough to blindly follow.

Taken By: CSW Scott Photography on December 6, 2010 in San Diego, CA

Latex Stalkings

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I love Latex!  These sexy latex stalkings accentuate my legs perfectly!  Not to mention my butt looks pretty good too!

Taken on December 23rd, 2010 by Vic Nuamann- Red Sky Photography, in Germantown, MD