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Weed Maps at 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup Featuring Sarah Jain

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Weed Maps Featuring Sarah Jain

Check Sarah Jain out at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles with Weed Maps and our Street Team winner enjoy!

Captain Ed’s Smoke Shop Commercial Featuring Sarah Jain

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Cali Chronic X presents The 420 Comic aka Jeffrey Peterson with special guest The Queen of Concentrates Sarah Jain at Capt Eds Smoke shop in NoHo

Captain Ed's Sarah Jain


Mastodon Video- “Curl of the Burl” Featuring- Sarah Jain

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Check me out as one of the Lead Sexy Lumber Jack  Chicks  (2:49-end)  in the New Mastodon Video- “Curl of the Burl”  This video was right up my alley.  And I just want to let everyone know that I medicated with lots of yummy Cannabis while filming this video.  So, yes, I was high while making this video.  I only do videos for bands that I actually like and listen to, such as Mastodon.  I hope to do more work for Mastodon, and other amazing Rock Bands in the future.


New Photo Set Up Now @ Ten04Models

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High Everyone,

I have been really busy the last couple of months shooting lots of content for various sites.  One of the sites that I had the pleasure of working on is Ten04Models.  They are some of the sexiest sets yet.  And the feature my new look- me with my sexy long bangs!  This is a just a tame sample of the first of three sets I did for this site.  I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

View the whole set here:

The Last of the Sunlight

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So it was really fucking hot that day, thus making almost impossible to shoot in the direct sunlight without sweating off all of your make up, in a very unsexy manner.  We started this set as the sun was setting and we were getting the last of the sunlight that casts major shadows, but still makes you look super golden and amazing.  This is just the beginning, this set gets really hot and fun as the sun sets.


Book me through my site and $ave!!!

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Since I just launched my new site,  It’s only right that I kick things off with a specials in my normal rates when you book me through my site!  It’s easy, just go to top on the home page, where it says get in touch, and send me a message.  Or if you are super lazy, just click this link:

It is here that I will also personally answer any questions regarding my rates, scheduling, travel- nationally & internationally,  limitations, and any other serious business related questions that you may  have.  I do not respond to douchebaggery, such as dating offers or trade offers- so let’s not waste each others time.

Now Lets Get To The Good Shit:

Special Discounts When Booking Through My Site:

$25- off 2 Hours

$50- off  a Half Day

$75- off a Full Day

$100- off a Full Day- Traveling Nationally- 1 day trip

$300- off a Full Day- Traveling Nationally- 2 day trip

***Please note that I do pay for my own travel expenses, unless other wise agreed upon, prior to booking.  When booking for gigs that require travel, you are agreeing to also cover all travel expenses- including- gas, parking, airfare & baggage fees, lodging, and food- unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to my being booked.

*Special Discount on Rates is Good if Booked By September 15, 2010*

**Shoots must be booked by September 15, 2010.  Any Shoot shoot Booked  by the 15th of September must be scheduled by October 15th, 2010 to receive the special discount on rates.  Any Shoot booked by the 15th of September and scheduled after October 15th is still eligible for the discounted rates provided that a non-refundable payment of half  the agreed upon rate is paid via paypal by September 15, 2010

***Discount only applies to my normal rates on new gigs


Stay High,

Sarah Jain

HIGH Everybody

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High everybody,

This is the official launch of my Portfolio website!    Feel free to comment on any of my pics.  You can also contact me here to hire me for shoots.  There is just a small sample up now, but much more to come later!

Stay High, and Stay Tuned!