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Classic Nude

Categories: Nude

Sometimes simplicity creates something very complex.  This shot was an experiment with the lighting and the pose was just me being relaxed.  Yet we created an awesome image that many others have asked exactly what we did to get the amazing lighting effect in this shot.  This picture is very elegant and very classic in my opinion.

Taken By: Daniel- Daniels’ Digital Capture on September 29, 2009 in Huntington Beach, CA

Hippy Chic

Categories: Fashion, My Photos

This pic really shows a glammed up version of my own personal hippy-chic style.  I don’t normally have curly heair or wear a flower in it.  But it is fun to dress up and it looks really sexy!

Taken for: MyHi by: Lindsay Schlick on May 20, 2009 in Chatsworth, CA